Pratik Pawar

Science journalist based in Bangalore, India

Selected Writing

  • Natural History / Science
  • Can animals predict earthquakes? Study on an Italian farm hint at an answer

    Discover, July 2020

    Did you know? On average, Mercury is Earth's closest neighbour

    The Wire, March 2019

    Barn owlets share food with their younger siblings in exchange for grooming

    The Washington Post, June 2020

  • Science Policy
  • Strict biodiversity laws prevent Indian scientists from sharing new microbes with the world

    Science, October 2020

    Netflix and Amazon Prime Video flout India's tobacco control regulations

    The Wire, April 2020

  • Miscellaneous
  • Dissecting the craft of biographical non-fiction writing: An interview with Samanth Subramanian

    The Open Notebook, October 2020

    What is AI good for? An interview with Jay Yagnik, Vice President at Google AI

    Connect Magazine, March 2019


    Headshot of the author

    Pratik Pawar is a freelance science journalist based in Bangalore, India. His stories have appeared in Connect Magazine, Discover, Science, Science News, The Open Notebook, The Washington Post, The Wire, and ThePrint.

    He is a recipient of the 2019 S. Ramaseshan Science Writing Fellowship. As a fellow, he writes news stories and profiles at Current Science, a fortnightly research journal. He is also a recipient of the 2020 EurekAlert! Fellowship for International Science Reporters.

    He graduated with a master's degree in biotechnology in 2018 and has since been on the lookout for offbeat science stories. In his free time, he can be found reading moral philosophy or listening to the latest Radiolab.